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Use caution when taking medications or remedies before driving

When you think of a driving under the influence charge, your mind might turn to alcohol impairment. Interestingly, alcohol isn't the only substance that might impair you while you drive. Other substances, including medications and remedies, might also impair you. If this occurs, you can face criminal charges for a DUI based on the drugs.

Police officers will look at how the drugs impaired your ability to drive in a safe manner when they are trying to decide if you need to face a DUI. Even seemingly harmless substances, such as an herbal tincture, can lead to a DUI. Many herbal tinctures contain alcohol.

Over-the-counter drugs, such as allergy medications, might make you sleepy. This could translate to you being too impaired to drive. When you are taking medications, look at the warnings to see how the drug might affect you. If you see side effects like dizziness, blurred vision, drowsiness or an inability to focus, you might not need to drive after taking the medication.

You should also be aware of drugs that have side effects like fainting or slowed movements. Both of these can be hazardous when you drive.

If you are facing a DUI charge based on drugs, you need to learn about your options for a defense. The options that you have are based on the circumstances of your condition at the time of the traffic stop. Because the impacts of a DUI for drugs are the same as for other DUIs, you must ensure that you think carefully about how you are going to handle the charges placed against you.

Source: FindLaw, "You Can Get a DUI on Legal Drugs," accessed April 07, 2017

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