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Felony charge cases must be carefully planned

Felony charges are very serious matters that can end with you in prison. No matter what type of felony you are facing, you need to get started on a defense as quickly as possible. Putting this off could mean that you have to rush to throw a defense together at the last minute, which isn't a good idea. We know that it is very tempting to just live life and pretend like you aren't in a fight for your freedom. We are here to help you address the charges head-on.

Think realistically about your criminal defense

Felony charges can't be considered minor in any cases. These charges, even the ones for criminal actions that don't seem serious, can impact the remainder of your life. The only little word "felon" can easily become an albatross around your neck. We understand that most adults don't go through life with the hope that they will gain the felon label or the restrictions that come with it.

Defendants taking the stand to testify is a difficult decision

Some decisions in the criminal justice system are more difficult to make than others. One of the more difficult ones in many cases is whether the defendant should take the stand to testify. There are many reasons why this might come up, but one of the most common is so that the jurors can hear the defendant's side of what happened at the time of the incident that is central to the case.

Don't try to hide from criminal charges; they do catch up to you

Nobody wants to think about having to face felony charges over the holidays. This is one reason why many people try their best to stay on the right side of the law toward the end of the year. Still, there are some circumstances that are out of your control. If you are one of the people who finds yourself fighting for your freedom right now, you need to know that you do have someone on your side. We are here to help you find out what options you have to present a defense.

Try not to bank on one strategy in criminal defense cases

A criminal case requires you to spend a lot of time preparing for a trial. Many defendants automatically assume that they will be able to work out a plea deal if they do acknowledge that they did the crime. While this is a possibility, there is another facet of criminal justice that you need to think about.

Criminal investigations depend on the circumstances of the crime

The investigative process is very important in the criminal justice system. Anyone who is accused of committing a crime and has charges levied against him or her will likely have been the subject of some type of investigation. The type of investigation depends on the circumstances of the criminal act.

Understand the right to trial by a jury of your peers

One of the rights of some criminal defendants is having a trial before a jury of their peers. Many people think that this Sixth Amendment right is present in all criminal cases, but this isn't the case. Defendants who aren't facing at least six months in prison aren't automatically afforded the right to a jury trial.

Give your felony charge the attention it deserves

Facing felony charges is something that frightens many people, especially if you think about the horrible consequences that can occur. It is imperative that you take the time to learn about the defense options that you have. You might be surprised at some of the options that you have.

What will happen if you are convicted of a crime?

We recently discussed how sentencing factors must be considered when you are planning your defense. These factors have a big impact on what you are going to face if you are convicted of the charges placed against you. We know that you might not want to think about that possibility, but there aren't any guarantees when you are facing a criminal charge.

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