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Consider your options for a robbery defense

Taking things that don't belong to you, or even attempting to do so, can lead to criminal charges. Sometimes, these charges are theft or larceny; however, when there is a victim who is threatened with harm or suffers harm, it might be considered a burglary. This is a very serious felony that requires you to consider your defense strategy very carefully. There are several options to think about.

Holidays in prison are rough on inmates and families

Having to face a criminal charge when you think you will be found guilty of it is difficult. You likely go through the trial trying to figure out what is going to happen or the sentence you might face. Unfortunately, a conviction sometimes means time in jail or prison. If you are facing a prison sentence, try to find out what to expect ahead of time so you can prepare.

Learn your options for handling felony charges

Having to face a felony charge can dramatically change your life. There is a chance that you will be convicted of a crime and be branded a felon. With this in mind, you should be able to see how important it is to get started on your defense strategy. We realize that you have a lot on your mind right now. We are here to help you with your defense.

Immigration status might be impacted by felony convictions

The classification of a criminal charge can have a big impact on how it affects the rest of your life. When you are facing a felony, you run the risk of having a lifetime of consequences if you are convicted. These impacts are far-reaching and can impact every aspect of your life. You should make sure that you consider these as you plan your defense strategy.

Homicide cases can lead to 2 types of charges

Homicide detectives have a serious job to do when they are working to determine whether there was a criminal element to a killing or not. Many people don't realize that not all homicides are the same thing. In fact, there are some homicides that aren't criminal matters at all.

Prosecutor appeals sentence in plea deal, claims too light

Appeals in the criminal justice system aren't really rare, but most of those come from the defendant appealing something. What is a bit rarer is the prosecution appealing a sentence. One recent case out of Kentucky is proving to be interesting to follow, partially due to an appeal by the federal government.

Felony charges can be resolved in different ways

People who are facing a felony charge are often shocked at how severe the penalties are for these crimes. One of the first things that you need to do when you are charged is to find out what options are possible for resolving the case. This can have a big impact on how you fare in the end.

Some felony convictions can be expunged in Kentucky

Being convicted of a felony crime means that you are forever branded as a felon. This is a tough pill to swallow because it comes with a lot of different limitations. It also means that you might be judged by society without ever being given a chance to prove that you've turned your life around.

The severity of a felony convictions can't be ignored

When a person is charged with a criminal matter, the charge is either a felony or a misdemeanor. This distinction is a huge deal because it can change what your life will be like after a conviction. When you are dealing with any criminal charge, you need to proceed with defense planning even if you think that you won't be found guilty.

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