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April 2015 Archives

How does a grand jury differ from a criminal trial jury?

A grand jury in Ohio plays an important investigative role in felony cases commenced in Franklin County and in other counties throughout the state. Grand jurors hear evidence presented to them by a prosecutor, but their role is not to decide the guilt or innocence of the accused. Instead, grand jurors determine if there is probable cause to file a felony criminal charge against someone.

How can drunk driving charges affect my license to drive?

Being charged with driving while intoxicated in Bowling Green, Kentucky, can have a serious effect on your lifestyle. Besides the fines and imprisonment that judges are authorized to impose if you are convicted of the charges, you can also lose your ability to operate a motor vehicle. If you drive a truck for a living, you could lose your ability to earn a living for up to a year because the state will take away your commercial license to drive.

How police gather evidence can affect a plea negotiation

The key to the successful prosecution of a criminal charge is usually the evidence gathered by the police to prove the allegations against the accused individual at the criminal trial. The strength of the evidence also plays a role in any plea negotiation as the criminal defense attorney tries to win a reduction from prosecutors of the charges against his or her client.

Criminal defense when facing police interrogation

Most people know the so-called Miranda warnings by heart just from having heard them recited in countless television police dramas and motion pictures. Unfortunately, there are equally as many people who do not understand the circumstances under which real-life police encounters with civilians require the giving of the warnings.

Drunk driving defense requires attention to the details

If you have watched an episode of the television series, "Cops," you have probably seen many examples of how police officers stop and arrest people for drunk driving. It can be easy to conclude from such a limited sample that drunk driving cases are straightforward matters which are easy for prosecutors to reach a conviction. But our practical experience in defending clients against DUI and DWI charges shows that this is often not the case.

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