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How does a grand jury differ from a criminal trial jury?

A grand jury in Ohio plays an important investigative role in felony cases commenced in Franklin County and in other…

28 Apr,2015
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How can drunk driving charges affect my license to drive?

Being charged with driving while intoxicated in Bowling Green, Kentucky, can have a serious effect on your lifestyle. Besides the…

23 Apr,2015
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How police gather evidence can affect a plea negotiation

The key to the successful prosecution of a criminal charge is usually the evidence gathered by the police to prove…

14 Apr,2015
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Criminal defense when facing police interrogation

Most people know the so-called Miranda warnings by heart just from having heard them recited in countless television police dramas…

08 Apr,2015
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Drunk driving defense requires attention to the details

If you have watched an episode of the television series, “Cops,” you have probably seen many examples of how police…

03 Apr,2015
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