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While the concept of military adoption is widely similar to civilian adoption, military adoption adds extra layers of complexity. Families who have ties to the armed forces and want to expand their family must navigate certain realities, like frequent relocations, deployments, and a set of military regulations. Hiring a Fort Campbell military adoption lawyer can help you accomplish this in the most effective manner.

At the law office of Michael J. Thompson, Attorney at Law, we have a strong grasp on the unique challenges that military families often face when starting the adoption process. Our team has spent years refining their knowledge and execution skills to provide effective guidance and support throughout this process. Whether you are an active service member looking to adopt a child or the spouse of a military member considering this while your partner is deployed, we are here to help.

Understanding Military Adoptions

Military adoptions have their own set of procedures and considerations within the traditional framework of a family law adoption. By understanding how the adoption process is designed for military families and the regulations that exist, the process can be conducted more smoothly.

Choosing an Attorney

One of the first things you should do is find the right attorney for your military adoption. You’ll want to find legal representation who can articulate adoption law and the specific nuances of military life, even if it is an experience they’ve never had personally. It’s important to remember that not all adoption lawyers are skilled or certified to handle military adoptions, so you’ll want to look into their case records and reviews before making a final decision.

Divorce and Adoption

When dealing with both divorce and adoption, this can produce an entire new list of items to handle. Divorce lawyers who are certified to execute military family law can be very helpful in these situations. Whether you are trying to adopt a child in the middle of a divorce or separating from a partner with whom you share an adopted child, they can ensure that a fair resolution is reached that doesn’t trample on your rights.

International Adoptions

Certain unique scenarios can arise from international adoptions, and military families must consider and seek legal assistance when these happen. These types of adoptions include situations in which a service member is stationed overseas and needs to navigate international laws. Another scenario might involve working with a birth parent who may also be serving elsewhere in the military. In these cases, you will need an attorney who can explain these international laws to ensure that your adoption is compliant.

When working with a birth parent who is also serving in the military, your attorney needs to determine how to finish the process while each party could be transitioning between multiple reassignments or active-duty deployments. This requires a strong understanding of the intricacies of military protocols, coupled with family law matters, like custody agreements, parental rights, and child support.

Are Military Attorneys Collaborative?

Military attorneys have spent years being trained in various legal matters related to military law, like court-martial, military justice, and administrative matters. The stronger their foundational knowledge is, the more competitive they can be against any opposing counsel. They are also known to be collaborative, as this role requires them to work effectively with those in the military system and in coordination with certain civilian legal entities, like state courts.

When managing family law issues, like adoption, military attorneys must have strong collaboration skills. They need to balance civilian and military agencies to ensure that the adoption process is completed smoothly. Military lawyers must also work to prevent unnecessary delays due to discrepancies or misunderstandings on either side of the law. Communicating with social workers and mental health professionals is also necessary to ensure that their clients and new child can navigate their new lives.


Q: Is There Any Financial Assistance Available for Military Families Looking to Adopt?

A: It can help to work with an attorney to see what military adoption reimbursement programs are available as a condition of your service. These can sometimes cover a portion of your adoption expenses, such as agency fees, legal costs, or even expenses incurred while traveling between appointments and services. There could also be grants to explore. Additionally, the Adoption Tax Credit can also provide tax savings, which includes those in the military.

Q: How Would Frequent Relocations Impact the Adoption Process for Military Families?

A: Every time a service member is required to relocate, it can invoke new state laws and regulations that will reset or alter an adoption process. This can significantly extend how much time it takes to finish an adoption. There may also be a need to update background checks or home studies when significant environmental factors change. If the service member has moved to a new country, there will likely be new international laws to navigate with your attorney.

Q: Are There Support Groups or Networks for Military Families Going Through Adoption?

A: Yes, there are a number of resources available that are specifically designed to help military families with their divorces. These types of groups provide a space to share experiences, advice, and emotional support during the adoption journey. They can be found with help from your attorney through military family support centers, online forums, or directly through your adoption agency. These groups can also help you stay updated on military adoption laws.

Q: When Is a Good Time to Adopt as a Service Member?

A: Every service member’s situation is unique, so it’s recommended that you share your personal details with an adoption attorney so they can help you decide when the right time is. Many in the military try to wait until they have a stable assignment, are free from reassignments, or have had enough time to save up enough funds. Aside from the details of their military career, many wait until they are emotionally ready for the new challenges and joys that await with adoption.

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