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Different Types of Adoptions

An Overview of Adoption Adoption is a legal process that establishes a parent-child relationship between individuals who are not biologically…

27 Jan,2023
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PPP Fraud and what you need to know

PPP Fraud and what you need to know | Thompson Law Office When the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was created…

18 Nov,2022
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Misreading romantic signals

Have you ever met someone new, felt an attraction to them, and felt like they returned that attraction instantly? Maybe…

31 Jul,2020
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Are men or women more likely to face DUI charges?

You can get charged with a DUI regardless of your gender, age, race or any other factors. If you drive…

24 Jul,2020
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An eyewitness can be confident and wrong

An eyewitness who seems like they’re not confident is going to raise questions in the jury’s mind. Do they really…

16 Jul,2020
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Felony charges come with very harsh penalties

A person who is facing criminal charges for the first time might have some questions about what certain things mean.…

09 Jul,2020
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Know how a plea deal may resolve your case

People who are facing criminal charges have a few options to consider when they’re thinking about their case. One of…

03 Jul,2020
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Be careful what and who you sext

Communicating via texts and other electronic means is common these days. What many people might not realize is that they…

26 Jun,2020
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Terroristic threats and terrorism are criminal activities

Terroristic threatening is a criminal act that can lead to serious charges. There are various laws that prohibit individuals from…

19 Jun,2020
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Know the impaired driving penalties in Kentucky

Kentucky laws take a harsh stance against drunk driving. It’s imperative that all drivers understand that driving after they’ve been…

12 Jun,2020
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