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Oak Grove Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

At the law office of Michael J. Thompson, Attorney at Law, we understand the importance of your relationships with your children. Our lawyer is a determined and trustworthy advocate for you and your parental rights. If you are involved in a divorce or custody dispute near Fort Campbell or elsewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee, we can help.

Our custody and visitation lawyer handles cases involving:

  • Child custody — Custody comes in two kinds, legal and physical. In most cases, one parent will have primary physical custody, meaning that the child will live primarily with him or her. The amount of child support the other parent pays will be affected by the custody arrangements.
  • Visitation — Creating visitation schedules can be particularly challenging for military spouses. If a couple from Fort Campbell gets divorced and they each intend to move back to their home states, the visitation agreement must take into account the distance, travel expenses and other issues.
  • Modifications — Child custody and visitation agreements can be modified as the child’s or parents’ needs change. Parental relocation is one common example of a situation warranting a modification of original court orders.

Honesty and Knowledge: Two Keys To Success

Mr. Thompson takes pride in giving honest advice to clients. When he sits down to talk with you, he will not create false expectations or promise unrealistic results simply to get you to hire him. Instead, he will present your options in a clear and straightforward way.

Our child custody attorney serving Oak Grove and Fort Campbell is knowledgeable about how the family law courts operate and what the judges need to see to grant custody or visitation rights to a parent.

Free Consultation About Your Custody Concerns

For a free initial consultation about any child custody or visitation matter in Tennessee or Kentucky, call Michael J. Thompson, Attorney at Law, at (270) 439-1175 . You can also contact our office via email. We are located within walking distance of Fort Campbell military base.

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