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Navigating child custody while in the military can be extremely hard, as you must balance it with the demands of military life. Between random deployments, relocations, and the rigors of active duty, it can add additional layers of emotion in addition to an already intense topic. Fortunately, hiring a Fort Campbell military child custody lawyer can help reduce much of the pain and legal responsibilities to ensure peace of mind and compliance with military law.

At the law office of Michael J. Thompson, Attorney at Law, we have spent years learning about all the unique challenges that military members face when navigating child custody issues. Our team of experienced military attorneys is committed to ensuring that every client receives the most effective legal representation possible. When you call the law office of Michael J. Thompson, Attorney at Law, you can always trust that your military law case is professionally handled.

Key Issues in Military Child Custody

The average civilian does not encounter the types of issues that arise in a military child custody case unless they are married to or divorced from a service member. Due to the diverse nature of military duties, child custody decisions require a flexible and thoughtful approach to ensure that they can evolve with the conditions of their military service.

Some key issues to keep in mind include:


A deployment for military personnel can happen suddenly and last for a long time. This could completely disrupt conditions that were agreed upon within a child custody agreement. Oftentimes, a deployment will require the court to enact a temporary custody arrangement until the service member has returned. In many cases, this will put extra responsibility on the other parent, who is also not expecting the sudden change in arrangement.

Because deployments are an expected condition of military life, courts will draft an original custody agreement to be as flexible as possible and detail what should happen when one parent is called to serve. This can help minimize the amount of disruption in a child’s life, as it can become distressing when they are constantly in and out of temporary arrangements.

Frequent Relocations

Many military families face Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves that can bring on new challenges, depending on the jurisdiction. Each move might require a child to adapt to a new school and community, which can become difficult to manage over time.

One option that works for some military families is to homeschool their children to ensure a consistent educational environment, regardless of where they live. It is up to the parents to make this decision for their child, as some kids might be able to thrive in a constantly changing environment, while it would affect others’ growth and development.

Long-Distance Parenting

It can be difficult to maintain a meaningful relationship between a child and a parent while they are away in the military. This is why thoughtful parenting plans must be prioritized. These types of plans could include frequently scheduled video calls, emails, or pre-determined events in person based on the service member’s scheduled time off. The goal is to keep parents as involved in their child’s life as possible, despite the inevitable physical distance.

Legal Protections for Military Parents

It can be distressing to know that there are open legal battles waiting for you at home while you are serving in the armed forces. To alleviate some stress over these matters, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) allows military parents in custody cases to postpone proceedings until they are available to participate. This helps the service member fully focus on their work duties, leaving their legal cases on hold until they have adequate time to handle them.


Q: Are There Any Special Considerations if Both Parents Are in the Military?

A: Extra careful planning and flexibility will be two important characteristics of any child custody case where both parents are in the military. The reality is that both parents could be deployed at the same time, which would require a robust family care plan. For example, it may indicate that a child spends time with their maternal grandparents until one of the parents has returned from their duty.

Q: Can a Non-Military Parent Request a Modification to a Custody Order Due to a Military Parent’s Deployment?

A: Yes, a non-military parent does have the authority to request a modification to a custody order, especially if they are struggling due to a new condition of their spouse’s military service. However, there are protections set in place for the service member. For example, they may enact the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) to hold off dealing with the legal matter until they return from their service and can fully focus on the case.

Q: Are Kentucky Military Child Custody Lawyers Expensive?

A: A military attorney is available to active duty, reserve, and retired service members for many different family law matters. These legal services are provided free of charge on behalf of the military. However, it is still up to the discretion of a service member if they prefer to hire a private civilian family law attorney instead. If they do, they will want to discuss costs and payment structures to ensure that they can afford their services before proceeding.

Q: What Is a Creative Option for a Visitation Plan for a Service Member?

A: Technology can help maintain contact between a parent and their child, no matter where they are in the world, as part of their military service. This could include regular video calls or exchanging text messages. For further bonding, both the parent and child could engage in virtual activities together, like watching a movie or playing online games. Some service members like being able to help their kids with their homework over the phone as well.

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