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May 2015 Archives

Skillful representation to fight false accusations of sex crimes

Depending upon the circumstances, sometimes, it just takes allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual assault to cause damage to reputation. Aggressive prosecution is just one aspect of sex crimes that makes it clear that the state of Kentucky takes these crimes very seriously. A sex crimes conviction can result in significant penalties imposed by a court including serving time in prison.

‘Illegal’ gathering of evidence could affect trial

When police gather evidence for a trial, there is a certain way they must do it; otherwise, the entire case could be thrown out. A Bowling Green resident is currently facing criminal charges for second-degree manslaughter and drunk driving after a deadly car crash. His criminal defense lawyer is claiming that, since the officers sidestepped getting a warrant for a sample of his blood, the evidence should be inadmissible. And under U.S. and Kentucky law, that may just be the correct call.

What are "aggravating circumstances" in a Kentucky DUI arrest?

Drunk driving and cigarette smoking have at least one thing in common: there has over the past decades been enough publicity about their dangers that it is hard to find anyone who does not know that either is a bad idea. But for a variety of reasons some people still smoke, and some still get behind the wheel when they have had a few too many drinks. When it comes to drunk driving arrests, though, Kentucky law provides for situations when being charged with DUI can be an especially bad thing to have happen to you. These are known as "aggravating circumstances."

Powdered alcohol: what it is, and how Tennessee law views it

A new formulation of alcohol in powdered form has recently been approved by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. What this will mean when it comes to state laws governing driving while under the influence of alcohol remains to be fully understood, but some states, including Tennessee, are already enacting legislation to restrict or even to prohibit the sale of the new product.

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