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August 2015 Archives

Criminal charges often come in multiple areas

There is a saying among lawyers, "The law is a seamless web." What this means is that when you are involved with one part of the law, you will frequently discover that you will also touch upon one or more other areas at the same time. This is true of criminal as well as civil law in Kentucky, as an incident involving three men illustrates.

Is there a time limit on filing a felony or misdemeanor charge?

Most states limit the amount of time they give police and prosecutors to file a criminal charge against someone suspected of committing a crime. The reason this is to prevent law enforcement agencies and prosecutors from delaying the filing of charges in order to place the defense attorney representing the accused at a disadvantage.

There are multiple ways to defend you against DUI charges

Kentucky law can be quite harsh when it comes to charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But before you can be penalized for drunk driving you need to be convicted first, it is incumbent on the prosecution in any such case to see to it that the accused's legal rights are respected. Part of this respect is based in the federal and state constitutional protections against things like unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to gather evidence and to present witnesses in defense, to cross-examine prosecution witnesses, and more.

What constitutes an attempted crime?

This post is meant only as an overview of the subject of criminal attempt, is not a comprehensive examination of the topic. It does not, for example, address issues such as the question of impossibility as a defense against a charge of attempted criminal activity. Anyone facing an accusation of attempting to commit a crime should retain legal defense counsel experienced with criminal defense cases without delay.

Unusual situations need an innovative criminal defense strategy

A drone hovering over a Kentucky backyard was no match for the homeowner’s shotgun. The 47-year-old waited until the drone and its attached camera were hovering directly over his swimming pool deck where his 16-year-old daughter was sunbathing before he fired and brought the mechanical intruder to the ground.

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