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September 2015 Archives

Kentucky has tough penalties for a breath test refusal

Police, prosecutors and judges are serious about drunk driving charges throughout Kentucky. Their efforts are supported by laws authorizing tough penalties including license suspension, fines, imprisonment, and mandatory alcohol and drug assessment.

How many felonies have you committed today?

The plethora of both federal and Kentucky state laws that you may be subject to at any given time, whether your are at work or even at home, can be daunting to consider. “Ignorance of the law is not a defense” is a phrase you may already be familiar with, but it can take on a more frightening meaning when you consider the law in terms of, “You don’t know what you don’t know."

Kentucky police using computer forensics in sex crimes cases

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has committed money and other resources to target individuals for investigation for possession of child pornography. According to state police officials, sex crimes of this type have increased tremendously with more people using their computers and the Internet to sell, view or download illegal materials depicting children.

Domestic violence charges are taken seriously by Kentucky police

Family violence has been the subject of media attention nationally over how professional sports leagues have handled allegations and criminal charges against players. A recent arrest in Kentucky seems to make it clear that the state police are taking accusations of bodily injury by victims of domestic violence quite seriously.

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