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Domestic violence charges are taken seriously by Kentucky police

Family violence has been the subject of media attention nationally over how professional sports leagues have handled allegations and criminal charges against players. A recent arrest in Kentucky seems to make it clear that the state police are taking accusations of bodily injury by victims of domestic violence quite seriously.

State police recently arrested a local police officer on domestic violence charges. The allegations by the officer’s wife led to the filing of unlawful imprisonment and domestic assault charges. Both charges are felonies that bring with them serious consequences including imprisonment, fines and a protective order.

Depending upon the type of work a defendant does for a living a domestic violence conviction can lead to a damaged reputation in the community and would probably affect the person’s relationship with his or her family. The temporary restraining order and protective order usually associated with domestic violence charges can complicate an accused individual’s ability to visit with children.

Although the police officer facing accusations of bodily injury has not been suspended or removed as an employee of his police department, that situation could change. Depending upon facts, such as whether or not he used his service weapon, that are uncovered in the course of the investigation could have a bearing on the defendant’s current and future status as a police officer.

If you are under investigation by the police based upon allegations of assault, battery or other violent crimes, mounting an aggressive defense to domestic violence charges is essential. A Bowling Green criminal defense attorney could be a good resource for legal advice under such circumstances.

Source: Wave News, “Radcliff officer arrested on domestic violence charges,” John Paxton, Aug 26, 2015

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