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October 2015 Archives

Kentucky law enforcement officer in need of a criminal defense

The complexity of today’s criminal laws can make it easy for even normally law-abiding citizens to run afoul of them. False allegations, such as frequently occur in domestic assault cases, may result in the filing of a criminal charge.

Serious long-term consequences may begin with a vehicle search

A traffic violation usually results in a lot of grumbling about having to pay penalties because you forgot to activate your turn signal. Sometimes, however, being stopped by the police can end with serious misdemeanor or felony charges because of what police find during a search of the vehicle.

Criminal conviction may be pursued based upon information in book

Criminal defense attorneys frequently advise their clients not to give statements to the police because those statements can be used to convict the person of a criminal charge. It should go without saying that if making statements to the police is not a good idea, then putting them into a book and publishing it has got to be one of the worst ideas ever.

Dry counties in Kentucky may see increase in felony drug charges

Dry counties in Kentucky, which are those that currently prohibit the sale of alcohol, may be contributing to the proliferation of methamphetamine labs. A study shows an increase in the production of methamphetamine in dry counties as opposed to counties that do not restrict alcohol sales. This has increased drug arrests and felony drug charges in dry counties.

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