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November 2015 Archives

How illegal per se in Kentucky can affect your DUI charge

It is no secret that Kentucky takes driving while intoxicated offenses seriously. Conviction of a DUI charge can cost you money in fines, put you in jail and result in a license suspension. Penalties are even harsher for repeat offenders who may also be forced to give up the license plates on the vehicles they own and be restricted to only driving vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device that prevents a car from starting if alcohol is detected on the breath of the driver.

Strong criminal defense may avoid long-term consequences

Going to prison is just one of the long-term consequences associated with a criminal conviction. All the talk recently in the media about prisoner release programs and the need for sentences for conviction of a criminal charge that do not rely incarceration appear to be falling on deaf ears.

What to do when allegations lead to a search warrant

As a general rule, what the police can see from a road or public sidewalk can be seized by them without violating someone’s constitutional rights. What this means is that leaving an illegal explosive device out in the open on your kitchen table so it is clearly visible to anyway, including police, from the sidewalk is visible from the sidewalk is probably not a good idea.

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