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December 2015 Archives

Can drug-sniffing dogs be used at traffic stops?

Sometimes a simple traffic stop can lead to an arrest for drug-related or other serious charges. In a number of cases, drugs are found because of K-9 officers trained to detect their scent were called to the scene by officers who suspected that drugs were in the vehicle, but didn't find them "in plain sight."

Why do the holidays give rise to more domestic violence?

Although the year-end holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and giving, for many people they're anything but that. With kids home from school, spouses off of work and extended family visiting, the togetherness can get overwhelming.

Have you been accused of domestic violence? We can help

Being accused of domestic violence is very serious. It can even lead to a wide variety of criminal charges, such as physical assault, sexual abuse, and kidnapping. In addition to possible criminal penalties, a domestic violence incident can result in a protection order between you and your family members. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you should seek legal advice right away to protect your rights.

Crystalline alcohol could lead to drunk driving charges

At least one manufacturer has a product idea that is drawing the attention of government officials in Kentucky for all of the wrong reasons. As law enforcement and prosecutors get ready for an increase in drunk driving charges during the holidays, state legislators will have a new law on their desks to vote on when 2016 rolls around to ban the use, sale or possession of powdered or crystalline alcohol.

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