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Domestic violence is not always physical

Anyone who is facing a charge of domestic violence needs to take the allegations very seriously, as the consequences of a conviction can adversely affect your future in many ways.

However, sometimes a person will wind up charged with abuse yet never have touched the partner who is making the accusation. In most cases, a police officer will have to determine that there was some physical damage done to the accuser. However, sometimes no physical harm ensued.

When a couple divorces, sometimes that is the catalyst for domestic abuse accusations to get hurled. Considering that there are other types of abuse besides physical, it’s important to be prepared if a soon-to-be ex-spouse makes allegations against you.

You can be accused of mental or psychological abuse if a partner alleges that you berated them or put them down and made derogatory remarks to or about them. Someone call accuse you of emotional abuse if they perceived that you manipulated their emotions or played mind games.

It’s important to note that a man can be accused and convicted of sexually abusing his wife, and that marital rape is a crime. If the two of you got particularly frisky one night and then later argued, and bruises or marks could be construed as evidence of an abusive attack or violation.

Even the way you elect to spend your income or household funds can be called into question if you are accused of economic abuse. Your spouse or partner may claim that you deny them funds or take their money or resources even if all you are trying to do is ensure that all of your bills get paid on time.

A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to turn the tables on a “he said, she said” claim of domestic violence.

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