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January 2017 Archives

The jury selection process is part random and part planned

If you are facing a criminal trial, there are a lot of factors that you have to think about. One of these is who is going to sit on the jury that will hear and decide your case. Jury selection is a big part of this process, so learning a bit about the process can help you as you go through the process of selecting jurors.

Attempt: Criminal charges without actually completing a crime

When you are facing criminal charges, there is a chance that those charges will come without you having to actually have successfully committed the crime. It is possible for you to be charged with an attempted crime. The addition of the word "attempt" can have a profound impact on your case.

Fighting back when misunderstandings lead to sex crime charges

When people hear that someone is charged with a sex-related offense, they are quick to judge without knowing the circumstances of the event. We know that this can lead a good number of people who are facing these types of charges to be wrongfully convicted, at least in a social setting.

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