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May 2017 Archives

Circumstances determine the defense options you have

Sex-related crimes often have intimate details that you might not want made public. While you can hope that all of these details won't come out, there is a chance that they will if you end up on trial for the charges you are facing. We know that this might be a frightening prospect.

Decide the goal of your defense against felony charges

We recently discussed how there are some criminal charges that are resolved without the defendant going to prison or jail. Alternative sentences can often help to achieve this. While there isn't any guarantee that one of these sentences will be imposed during sentencing, we can work on this as a goal of your defense.

Not all criminal sentences involve incarceration

Whether you plead guilty to a criminal charge or are found guilty of a criminal charge, you will have to be sentenced. Not all sentences result in time in jail or prison. In fact, many sentences are considered alternative sentences because they don't result in any time in jail.

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