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Try not to bank on one strategy in criminal defense cases

A criminal case requires you to spend a lot of time preparing for a trial. Many defendants automatically assume that they will be able to work out a plea deal if they do acknowledge that they did the crime. While this is a possibility, there is another facet of criminal justice that you need to think about.

Most criminal cases do end with a plea agreement, but you have to think about what happens if you can’t work one out. If you’ve spent all your time banking on the plea deal, you might not have a suitable defense when it comes time for you to face a jury.

We understand that you might not be concerned with a trial at this point. Speaking from experience, criminal justice cases are likely handled better by planning for the worst, a trial, while working on the best. We can handle both aspects for you, but you will need to give us your input on the process.

If you are working on a plea deal, let us know what you are willing to accept so we can work toward that resolution. If you are heading to trial, we need you to let us know what direction you want us to move with the preparation.

As you are thinking about the defense options you have, make sure that you think about what kind of consequences you are going to have to deal with. The type of charge you are facing and the circumstances of the crime are two points that might have an impact on this.

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