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Domestic violence can involve nonphysical attributes

Intimate partner violence, which is another term for domestic violence, is often associated with attacks that leave physical marks on a person. While this is one of the most common types of domestic violence, it often comes with other forms of control. Sometimes, you might do some of these without even realizing that you are doing them.

One form of domestic violence that might be easily overlooked is emotional abuse. You might think that you are being funny or just picking on your spouse, but if your spouse takes those to heart, you might be guilty of domestic abuse. This is a harsh reality for some people, but it is a wake-up call if you think there is a chance that you are doing this.

Sometimes, male privilege comes into the picture. A man might treat his woman like a servant. He might be the only one who has a say in the roles of him and her in the home. While this isn’t something that is necessarily abusive, it might be if it is taken to an extreme.

Isolation is common in many domestic violence cases. Pay attention to what you are doing when your spouse wants to go see family members or friends. If there is any chance that he or she can claim isolation, you might need to rethink what is going on.

There are many different things that can also come into these situations. Intimidation and using financial control are two examples. All of these points can be used when a person is facing charges for domestic violence. They can make it difficult for you get your defense together.

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