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Pounce on your drunk driving defense quickly

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

Evening bonfires and other summer fun is upon us. This is a time when friends and family members can come together to enjoy the lovely weather. The one thing that you don’t want is to end your fun on a sour note when you are arrested for drunk driving.

There are many reasons why a police officer might think that a driver is drunk. Signs like weaving between lanes or stopping suddenly might lead to the cop stopping you. If you can’t successfully complete the field sobriety test, you might be assumed to be impaired. Even if you pass a breath test, you might still be considered to be too impaired to drive.

We know that this is stressful. When you are facing a DUI or DWI, you need to pounce on your defense quickly. The issue with these cases is that you might have to fight the criminal case while you are also addressing the administrative penalties that can keep you from legally driving.

Trying to figure out how to handle everything can be stressing. We can help you to evaluate the options that you have. We want you to know the options that you have so that you can choose the ones that you are most comfortable with. By taking action early, you are able to consider the possibilities.

It is easy to fall into trying to ignore the charges. This isn’t anything that will end positively. Instead, address the charges head on. Some of the things you need to do are time sensitive, so you don’t need to waste even a second.

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