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Address the personal issues at the heart of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Uncategorized

There are times when a family member might push your buttons and get you so upset that you can’t think straight. If this anger turns physical, there is a chance that you might end up facing charges for domestic violence. Some people think that this is a minor charge; however, domestic violence is classified as a violent crime.

You need to work on your defense right away. In the case of domestic violence, starting the defense planning immediately can benefit you since you might be able to remember small details that may help you. As time goes on, those very minor details might fade from your memory. We can work with you to get your strategy started.

Domestic violence cases are very personal. In some instances, intimate points have to be addressed. We will work on handling these with the dignity you deserve. This is important when there isn’t any way to get around having to discuss the issues.

There are sometimes options that we can review with you about how your case is moving. One thing that you might think about is the possibility of a plea deal. A deal with the prosecution might not be ideal but it can give you some control over what happens. You might be able to seek a specific sentence or get a lesser charge.

We know that you might be worried about your relationship with the alleged victim. You might be concerned about how this impacts your future. We can help you figure out what is possible and how you will handle things in this case.

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