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Combating criminal charges using the truth

Criminal charges can sometimes stem from questionable circumstances. Police officers have to make decisions about what they are going to do about certain things based solely on how they appear and what likely happened. In these cases, they do need to have probable cause to conduct an arrest, but this doesn’t mean that they have all the evidence necessary to prove to a jury that you did commit a crime.

We know that it is hard to try to combat criminal charges that seem to have ample evidence. In these cases, we need to look for the small bits of information that are questionable. These are sometimes the key to finding a defense strategy. You can’t always wait for the “smoking gun” evidence that is going to show you aren’t guilty.

There is one thing that you have to remember as you work on your defense – it has to be factual. You can’t lie under oath in court without facing the possibility of other criminal charges. We work to craft defense strategies so that they do tell the truth, but the goal is to do this in a way that shows your side of the story.

Throughout your case, you will have some decisions to make. Carefully consider your options, but try to remember to think about how each one will affect your future. Even if you use a plea deal to resolve your case, you aren’t going to be free of the social, court-imposed and collateral consequences of being found guilty of a criminal matter. We want you to make decisions you feel are in your best interests.

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