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Sweeping criminal justice reform signed by President Trump

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

The need for criminal justice reform in this country has been present for a long time. Finally, steps are being taken to address this. President Donald Trump recently signed the First Step Act, which is a sweeping federal criminal justice reform bill. Anyone facing criminal charges should check out this bill and learn what it means for them.

The bipartisan effort is one that put the interests of offenders and the general public into account. Liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats all supported this bill. President Trumps’ senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner worked behind the scenes on this effort. His father spent time in prison when Kushner was younger.

The reform measures are comprehensive. It keeps the focus on punishing the people who are convicted of crimes, but it also adds in the chance for them to receive rehabilitative services instead of just being locked up in a prison where they will learn more ways to continue their criminal efforts.

Alternatives to harsh sentences for some nonviolent crimes are one of the points included in the bill. Judges will have more leeway when they are sentencing a person. It takes away some of the long sentences for people who make mistakes and end up facing drug charges.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul wholly supported the First Step Act and notes that the inclusions in the act are a good start to fixing the issues that are present in the system. Citizens who are facing any criminal charges in this state should still be aware of how the outcome of the case might impact them. This might help them to decide the direction of their defense strategy.

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