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Facing criminal charges means that you need to take the initiative and work on your defense right away. You can’t try to put this off until the last minute because trying to rush your defense strategy can lead to very costly errors. One of the very important decisions that you have to make is how you plan to resolve the case. Typically, you can either accept a plea deal or you can push for the case to go through a trial.

There are good points and bad to each of those options. If you are considering a plea deal, remember that you can only take this avenue if you agree that you did commit the crime. You also have to sign a waiver that means you won’t be allowed to appeal the case. The positive point to this option is that you will likely have more control over what penalties you are going to have because of the case. You also must remember that there is also the possibility that the judge won’t accept the recommended sentence, so be prepared for that possibility.

If you opt to go through a trial, you need to dig your heels in and prepare. You will have to introduce doubt into each juror’s mind so that they can’t find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This can be challenging but reviewing the specifics of the case and how they align with the requirements of the applicable laws might be beneficial.

Whether you take a plea bargain or go to trial, be sure to consider the long-term implications of the option. This might include having serious life limitations if the charge is a felony, and you are considering a plea that will have you classified as a felon for life.

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