Don’t let false accusations of domestic violence ruin your life

There is an epidemic of domestic violence in America today, and more women are dying at the hands of their spouses and partners than by any other demographic group.

As families all over the country were ringing in the New Year, eight families scattered across the nation were preparing to bury their loved ones who had been murdered by either an ex or a current lover or husband.

In a single month this year, 112 lives were lost to homicides by intimate partners, or they were their children or hapless bystanders, Huffington Post reported. Experts note that intimate partner homicides are normally quite predictable, and thus preventable, as the patterns they follow are well-established.

Most women killed by intimate partners had previously been on the receiving end of abuse by a partner. One sign that a relationship may turn deadly is strangulation. This is a major red flag of domestic violence; women who were strangled by their partners are seven times as likely to later die from abuse and 43 percent of fatalities by intimate partners involved instances of strangling in the prior year.

With all of these statistics, it’s no small wonder that prosecutors and judges are cracking down on the men they perceive as perpetrators of domestic abuse. They want to err on the side of caution, as it’s the kiss of death for a prosecutor or judge to have a career tainted by a domestic violence homicide.

But this can have a reverse trickle-down effect for the men who stand accused of these acts by their wives and girlfriends. The presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” may be summarily cast aside as a man’s rights are stripped from him and he is made out to be a monster in his own community.

If you have been accused of domestic assault, you can’t afford to waste time. Join with your defense attorney in mounting an aggressive defense early and challenging the unfounded allegations for which you stand accused.

Source: Huffington Post, “This is not a love story,” Melissa Jeltsen, accessed Sep. 09, 2016

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