Mandatory minimum sentences serve various purposes

People who are facing criminal charges have a lot of things to think about concerning their cases. One of these is what type of sentences they face if convicted on the charges. This can have an impact on how they approach their defense.

Some crimes have a mandatory minimum sentence associated with them. These are set by law, and judges can’t skirt around them. Typically, mandatory minimum sentences are reserved for very serious crimes or for people who are repeatedly convicted of the same charges.

The severity of the punishment should directly correlate to the seriousness of the crime. There are several reasons why the court might issue specific punishments. Two of the primary reasons for sentences include providing closure to the victim or their family members and punishing the person for their role in the crime.

In some cases, sentences are meant to deter the person from committing the same crime again in the future. It is hoped that when they have to deal with the sentence, they will think about what they went through before they do the same thing in the future.

Sometimes, such as when incarceration is the sentence, the goal is separate the person from society. Unfortunately, this can often help them to learn other criminal ways because they spend so much time with people convicted of other crimes.

One of the goals that should be present when sentencing a person is rehabilitation. The person needs to learn the appropriate ways for addressing specific situations. The issue here is that this isn’t really a focus of the criminal justice system in the United States.

If you’re a defendant in a criminal case, you need to explore your options for a defense. You can then develop a strategy that you feel is best for you.

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