Release from Jail to Await a Hearing Is Possible

Getting out of jail after an arrest is a priority. One way to do this is by posting bail. There are a few ways that this can happen. Some charges have a bail set for specific charges. In other cases, you will have to stand before a judge to have a hearing to have it set.

Some people who have nonviolent charges might qualify for a bail that doesn’t require you to put up money to get out of jail. If you are released on your own recognizance, you will sign a document that states you will return for your court hearings. You likely need to have close ties to the community, including having a job, in order to receive this.

If a monetary bail is set, you will have to put up cash or property to get out of jail. Some people can’t do this and might need to call on a bail bondsman to secure a release. You have to pay this person a specific percentage, usually 10%, plus fees in order for them to secure your release.

No matter how you are released, you need to ensure that you attend all your court hearings. Failing to do this can result in you facing a failure to appear warrant. If this occurs, you likely won’t be able to have another bail set. This means you will remain in jail until your case is resolved.

It is possible that you might have to go through a bail reduction hearing if yours is set too high and you are unable to pay. This isn’t an easy task, so be sure that you have someone on your side who is familiar with the process and knows what the court is likely to look at when considering this.

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