Securing your release from jail before your trial

A person who is arrested for a criminal charge might have to spend some time in jail. There are incidents in which this time might last until the trial or until the case is resolved. Many criminal charges require a person to post a bail in order to be released prior to the trial. This is so that the court can ensure the person will appear for the required court appearances.

There are several factors that go into the court’s decision to issue a bail amount. The type of charge the person is facing, their criminal history, their ties to the community and the likelihood that they will flee the area before facing the court are some of the things that are considered.

The court has a few options to consider when determining what to do. One of these is to release the person on their own recognizance, which means they will sign a promissory note to go to court but won’t have to put up any money. It may set a monetary bail amount, which can be either bondable or cash only.

A bondable bail is one in which the person can work with a bail bondsman. This person writes a bond to the court and charges a percentage of the bail amount in order to secure the person’s release. When you use a bail bondsman, there isn’t any refund due to you if you appear at all the court hearings. You can bypass the use of the bail bondsman if you want to use cash or property to secure your release.

A “cash only bail” means that the court won’t allow the person to use a bail bondsman. They must put up property or cash in order to be released. If you don’t use a bail bondsman to get out of jail, you can receive your property back once your case is resolved as long as you appeared at all your hearings.

It is possible for a lawyer to help you throughout the process of having your bail set. Be sure to contact your defense attorney right away so they can work with you on your defense strategy from the start of your case through the resolution.

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