What Are Acts of Terrorism and Terroristic Threatening?

Terrorism isn’t something new in this country, but it is something that seems to have become more prevalent. Crimes that fall under this umbrella are taken very seriously and are usually prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

There are federal and state laws that address terrorist acts. These usually cover actual acts, as well as terroristic threats. Understanding some basic information about these matters can help people avoid criminal charges and might also help them address charges if they are accused of these actions.

What acts constitute terrorism?

An act of terrorism is any violent act or threat of a violent act that does one of the three things:

  • Affects the conduct of a government entity due to kidnapping, assassination or mass destruction
  • Intimidates or coerces the civilian population
  • Influences government policies by coercion or intimidation

In the case of terrorism, the burden placed on the prosecutor is lowered a bit from other charges. They merely have to show that the acts “appear to be intended” to meet the criteria noted above.

Does a person’s nationality matter?

Almost all acts of terrorism are viewed in the same manner in this country. While a person’s nationality might be used to prove certain aspects of the case, the intent and actions of the person are what is going to matter in these cases.

If you are facing any charges related to terrorism, you must ensure that you get to work on your defense quickly. You need time to explore the options that you have. These might be limited but you should evaluate the entire case against you to formulate a plan for addressing the charges.

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