What restrictions do I face after a domestic violence conviction?

Domestic violence is a crime in Kentucky much like it is any other state. Individuals who are convicted of this offense may not only face potential criminal penalties for this crime but also have other restrictions placed on them once they’ve served their time in jail.

Individuals who commit domestic violence often find themselves being served with a protective order before ultimately being charged with a crime. Kentucky judges will generally sign off on these orders in hopes of stopping any future escalation in violence from happening.

Any parent who has been a party to a protection order or charged with domestic violence may find it hard to get a fair shake if they’re facing an impending divorce. A Bowling Green judge may be unwilling to allow them to move forward in contesting the dissolution of the marriage or for them to stake their claim to different marital assets. A mom or dad who has engaged in domestic violence may struggle to convince a judge to award them custody of their kids as well.

A defendant who commits domestic violence may find themselves being charged with any number of criminal offenses including terroristic threatening, rape, sexual abuse, assault, menacing, sodomy, murder or manslaughter or any other crime. Some of these offenses are misdemeanors whereas others are felonies.

Kentucky law requires all victims who are subject to Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) to be notified if their abuser attempts to purchase a gun or several other types of weapons. There are federal laws on the books that prevent any person that has previously been subject to a DVO from either possessing or purchasing a weapon. Laws like these are on the books to minimize the chance of a defendant escalating their inappropriate actions against someone that they share an intimate partner relationship with.

There are many restrictions that you may face in addition to the above-referenced ones if you’re convicted of domestic violence. You may struggle to land or maintain a job, qualify for certain social benefits and obtain certain professional licenses or work roles. An attorney can help you craft a defense strategy in your Bowling Green case that will give you the best chance of protecting your rights in Kentucky in the future.

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