When you need protection from the consequences of a DUI charge

Imagine having to get to school or to work in Bowling Green without a driver’s license. How would you get to the store or to a doctor’s appointment if you could not drive? Sure, public transportation, taxicabs or some of your friends might offer some help, but they can be expensive, and, let’s face it, your friends certainly do not offer the same convenience and reliability as walking out your front door and getting behind the wheel of your car.

When your blood alcohol content level exceeds the state legal limit of .08 percent by a significant amount, the law allows prosecutors to ask the court to impose enhanced penalties that could include higher fines, mandatory jail or prison confinement and the loss of your driving privileges for a longer period of time. These enhanced penalties apply even though it might be your first offense.

If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated, you won’t have to imagine not having a license. The DUI laws in Kentucky will provide you with the opportunity to experience life without the ability to drive through a mandatory license suspension if you are convicted. Other consequences of a conviction on a DUI charge include:

  • Substantial fines
  • Confinement in a jail or prison
  • Probation
  • Mandatory participation in an alcohol and substance abuse program

Conviction of multiple offenses within a five-year period will increase the penalties that courts may impose at sentencing. Additional consequences include mandatory alcohol and substance abuse treatment and community labor, in addition to increased fines and jail or prison confinement.

The severity of the consequences of a drunk driving conviction can affect your personal and professional life both now and in the future. A knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney practicing in Kentucky and Tennessee might be your best resource for answers to your questions and concerns about the protecting your rights and your liberty when you are facing a drunk driving charge. Our DUI page has more information about the law, our firm and contact information to schedule an appointment.

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