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Felony charge cases must be carefully planned

Felony charges are very serious matters that can end with you in prison. No matter what type of felony you are facing, you need to get started on a defense as quickly as possible. Putting this off could mean that you have to rush to throw a defense together at the last minute, which isn't a good idea. We know that it is very tempting to just live life and pretend like you aren't in a fight for your freedom. We are here to help you address the charges head-on.

One thing to remember is that while there is a good chance that you will face incarceration, it isn't always 100-percent certain. Sometimes, felony cases are resolved through probation and related programs. This doesn't take away the felon branding after the conviction, but it does allow you to rebuild your life without having to spend time in prison.

Know the criteria for drug possession charges

When you hear that you are facing drug possession charges, your heart might drop into your stomach. The realization that you having the drugs in your possession was a criminal matter might be shocking. It is imperative that you think carefully about what you are going to do from here because you will need to create a strong defense to fight against the charges.

There are some instances in which you might not have been aware that you had the drug. Since the law notes that you have to be knowingly in possession of a controlled substance, you might be able to base your defense on the lack of knowledge. This is something that might be a challenge, but that doesn't mean it is impossible.

Drunk driving this weekend is a pretty bad idea

It is never a good idea to drink and drive, but there are some days when it is an even worse idea than normal. This weekend falls into the worse category because of the Super Bowl on Sunday. There is a good chance that police officers will be watching drivers even more closely than normal because of the parties that usually occur for the game.

We understand that it isn't always possible to count on other people to make it home after a party. If you head out this weekend, have a few drinks and realize that you will have to drive yourself home, there is a chance that you are going to spend some time in a jail cell.

Learn your options in the criminal justice system

The criminal justice system has a lot of possibilities. There are many different outcomes for cases and several ways to resolve them. When you are a defendant in one of these cases, it is best for you to learn about the ways that your case might be resolved so that you can determine what you are going to do.

We understand that for a person who hasn't ever been involved in the criminal justice system, this is a difficult journey. It is probably one that you never imagined you would have to take. We are here to help you explore the options that you have so that you can go into each step of the process with the information you need.

Understand what comprises a jury of your peers

One of the rights of a person who is facing a serious criminal charge is that he or she can have a jury trial. The jury has to be comprised of the defendant's peers, but this doesn't mean what many people think it means. Here are some points to remember about a jury of your peers in the criminal justice system:

Saying that you need a jury of your peers is representative of people who are equal to you in every regard is a misleading thought. Instead, a jury of your peers means that the members of your jury are members of the community around you. They are representative of the area where you live. They might not be the same gender, race or religion. They may not be close to you in age.

Think realistically about your criminal defense

Felony charges can't be considered minor in any cases. These charges, even the ones for criminal actions that don't seem serious, can impact the remainder of your life. The only little word "felon" can easily become an albatross around your neck. We understand that most adults don't go through life with the hope that they will gain the felon label or the restrictions that come with it.

When you are facing a felony charge, one of the best things that you can do is to fight back against it. You need to think carefully about what you are going to do about the charges. Your defense strategy is one of the only things that you have at this point that might help you.

Defendants taking the stand to testify is a difficult decision

Some decisions in the criminal justice system are more difficult to make than others. One of the more difficult ones in many cases is whether the defendant should take the stand to testify. There are many reasons why this might come up, but one of the most common is so that the jurors can hear the defendant's side of what happened at the time of the incident that is central to the case.

One school of thought is that if the defendant takes the stand to give his or her side of the story, he or she might seem more like a person to the jury instead of seeming like the case is just a culmination of facts. This is important in some cases because the jury might act in a more favorable manner when they have a "personal" take on the defendant. Of course, there are some instances in which this might work against the defendant so the defense attorney needs to look at this from every angle possible.

Plea bargains play an important role in criminal cases

Many people don't understand why people who are facing criminal charges would accept plea bargains. Some people don't understand why prosecutors would allow cases to be settled in this manner. The fact of the matter is that plea bargains play a big role in the criminal justice system.

Plea bargains help resolve as much as 90 percent of the cases that are moving through the criminal justice system. Both sides of the case can benefit greatly from these deals.

A comprehensive defense is needed for domestic violence charges

Domestic violence charges often come with several forms of evidence. In many cases, there is proof of physical abuse. This might also come with claims of emotional abuse and financial abuse. All of this can be very difficult to fight against, but your defense must do just that. We understand that this might be hard for you to think about, but we are here to help you get your defense together and present it to the court.

Because you need to address different types of issues, you need to think about what can introduce doubt into the mind of the jury members. There are times when you might not be able to refute that the victim had bruising, but you might be able to explain the bruises. No matter what, you have to make sure that you are being fully truthful.

Domestic abuse might not leave physical scars

Thinking about being accused of domestic violence might bring up images of what the mass media portrays -- physical abuse. This isn't the only type of abuse that a person can commit. Instead, it is possible for domestic abuse to be emotional, spiritual, sexual or economic.

The thing that makes all of these fall under the domestic abuse umbrella is that the behavior is unwanted and done in order to intimidate the victim. The intimidation is usually done to control the person. When these are present, there might be a case for domestic abuse.

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