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Are men or women more likely to face DUI charges?

You can get charged with a DUI regardless of your gender, age, race or any other factors. If you drive…

24 Jul,2020
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Know the impaired driving penalties in Kentucky

Kentucky laws take a harsh stance against drunk driving. It’s imperative that all drivers understand that driving after they’ve been…

12 Jun,2020
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What can cause an officer to suspect you of drunk driving?

Traffic stops for suspected drunk driving are an all-too-common occurrence for automobile drivers here in Kentucky and other parts of…

24 Apr,2020
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Open containers of alcohol are almost always illegal in Kentucky

Hanging out with friends can sometimes involve alcohol. There are several things that you have to remember if you’re doing…

20 Mar,2020
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Reasonable suspicion and how it can impact your DUI defense

Police officers have to have a reason for pulling a motorist over. It is possible that they can do this…

28 Feb,2020
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Problem with Breath Test Equipment Is Raising Red Flags

Most people know that breath tests are one of the primary tools police officers use to determine whether a driver…

17 Jan,2020
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