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An overview of domestic violence restraining orders in Kentucky

Sometimes before a divorce or a legal separation occurs, it is preceded by rising tensions between the spouses or partners…

19 Dec,2014
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Family in Tennessee coping with self-defense shooting

A Tennessee man shot and killed an armed intruder who entered his home. Even though he and his family were…

20 Nov,2014
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Peterson case raises issue of criminal child abuse vs. discipline

In many criminal cases, the ability to negotiate the charges for less serious penalties can be the key to decreasing…

11 Nov,2014
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Kentucky self-defense laws and assault charges

Self-defense might be a part of the defense strategy for a Bowling Green, Kentucky, resident facing assault charges. State law…

06 Nov,2014
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A High-Stakes Felony Accusation Requires a Serious Legal Defense

The hallmark of a felony offense in Kentucky is its more severe punishment when compared to a lesser charge such…

30 Oct,2014
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How do plea bargains work in a criminal defense?

For a criminal case defendant, negotiating with the criminal justice system often starts at the moment of apprehension or arrest.…

21 Oct,2014
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