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Kentucky law enforcement warns drunk drivers during holidays

National holidays are a time for celebration in Kentucky, and for many the act of celebrating includes drinking alcoholic beverages,…

10 Jul,2014
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Kentucky Man Driving with Child Arrested for DUI

When a serious offense is committed on the road, it can result in license suspension or revocation, fines and even…

26 Jun,2014
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Resisting police on a DUI charge only leads to multiple offenses

It has been said that “The first rule when you find yourself in a hole is, ‘stop digging.’” Of course,…

19 Jun,2014
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About 4 Percent of Death Row Inmates Are Innocent, Says Study

While the following story is a little bit older, the information it contains is useful today, tomorrow, and really at…

10 Jun,2014
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DNA Evidence Leads to Man Being Exonerated of Sex Crime

When someone is accused of committing a sex crime -- we're not even saying convicted, but just the simple accusation…

04 Jun,2014
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Heroin Drug Ring Busted in Kentucky, 6 Arrested

Six people in Kentucky were arrested for being involved in a heroin drug dealing ring. Police executed a search warrant…

30 May,2014
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Like a Phoenix, Debtors’ Prison Rises from Ashes of 1983 Ruling

In 1983, there was a significant ruling made by the Supreme Court. The ruling echoed something that had already been…

23 May,2014
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Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Man Wrongfully Accused of Crime

Let's say that you are accused of a crime that you did not commit. You plead with the cops in…

14 May,2014
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The Failure of Crime Labs Is a Major Issue in The Us

Many Kentucky residents have seen their fair share of "Law & Order" and "CSI." These shows glorify the side of…

09 May,2014
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