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A High-Stakes Felony Accusation Requires a Serious Legal Defense

The hallmark of a felony offense in Kentucky is its more severe punishment when compared to a lesser charge such…

30 Oct,2014
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How do plea bargains work in a criminal defense?

For a criminal case defendant, negotiating with the criminal justice system often starts at the moment of apprehension or arrest.…

21 Oct,2014
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Legal Counsel Can Help to Keep You Off the Sex Offender Registry

It would be naive to think that some crimes or accusations are not viewed by society with added disdain. The…

16 Oct,2014
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Domestic abuse getting more attention after Ray Rice incident

It is sadly the case that it often takes a tragedy or scandal to bring attention to a cause or…

09 Oct,2014
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Suppression of evidence important in success of criminal defense

In any criminal trial an effective defense attorney will attempt to suppress any evidence that may have been obtained illegally…

02 Oct,2014
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