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Skillful representation to fight false accusations of sex crimes

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Uncategorized

Depending upon the circumstances, sometimes, it just takes allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual assault to cause damage to reputation. Aggressive prosecution is just one aspect of sex crimes that makes it clear that the state of Kentucky takes these crimes very seriously. A sex crimes conviction can result in significant penalties imposed by a court including serving time in prison.

Conviction of a sexual assault charge, rape or other sex crimes may require you to register and be labelled as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Having your name on the Kentucky sex offender registry can affect your personal life and your professional life. 

Unlike convictions for other criminal offenses, the stigma that is associated with offenses such as possession of child pornography, child sexual abuse or sexual misconduct can prevent you from getting a job where you might come into contact with children. It can also place restrictions on where you can live, or it can even prevent you from being approved for home or apartment rentals.

Given the consequences that are associated with sex crimes, false accusations can frequently be enough to cause damage to reputation and to your personal life. Attorneys see cases in which a party to a contested divorce or child custody dispute makes child sexual abuse allegations to gain a strategic advantage.

Bowling Green attorney Michael J. Thompson understands the importance of aggressively defending against allegations of sexual misconduct. When the consequences of a conviction are so great and the stakes so high, it is essential to be represented by an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney.

If you are facing sexual assault or other sex crimes charges, or if you are under investigation based upon allegations, contact the law office of Michael J. Thompson for a free, no obligation confidential consultation.

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