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Serious Long-Term Consequences May Begin with A Vehicle Search

A traffic violation usually results in a lot of grumbling about having to pay penalties because you forgot to activate…

16 Oct,2015
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Criminal Conviction May Be Pursued Based upon Information in Book

Criminal defense attorneys frequently advise their clients not to give statements to the police because those statements can be used…

09 Oct,2015
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Dry Counties in Kentucky May See Increase in Felony Drug Charges

Dry counties in Kentucky, which are those that currently prohibit the sale of alcohol, may be contributing to the proliferation…

05 Oct,2015
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Kentucky has tough penalties for a breath test refusal

Police, prosecutors and judges are serious about drunk driving charges throughout Kentucky. Their efforts are supported by laws authorizing tough…

27 Sep,2015
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How many felonies have you committed today?

The plethora of both federal and Kentucky state laws that you may be subject to at any given time, whether…

20 Sep,2015
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Kentucky Police Using Computer Forensics in Sex Crimes Cases

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has committed money and other resources to target individuals for investigation for possession of child pornography.…

11 Sep,2015
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Domestic violence charges are taken seriously by Kentucky police

Family violence has been the subject of media attention nationally over how professional sports leagues have handled allegations and criminal…

04 Sep,2015
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Criminal charges often come in multiple areas

There is a saying among lawyers, “The law is a seamless web.” What this means is that when you are…

31 Aug,2015
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Is there a time limit on filing a felony or misdemeanor charge?

Most states limit the amount of time they give police and prosecutors to file a criminal charge against someone suspected…

20 Aug,2015
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There are multiple ways to defend you against DUI charges

Kentucky law can be quite harsh when it comes to charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol or…

14 Aug,2015
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