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What constitutes an attempted crime?

This post is meant only as an overview of the subject of criminal attempt, is not a comprehensive examination of…

07 Aug,2015
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Unusual situations need an innovative criminal defense strategy

A drone hovering over a Kentucky backyard was no match for the homeowner’s shotgun. The 47-year-old waited until the drone…

03 Aug,2015
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How plea-bargaining can work in Kentucky

Every baseball player would like to hit a home run every time he steps up to the plate. But we…

24 Jul,2015
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Criminal defense representation cannot be passive

“I could never do criminal defense law.” You can hear a lot of attorneys saying that, the insinuation being that…

17 Jul,2015
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Kentucky criminal defense may include fighting for impartial jury

Seasoned criminal defense attorneys learn that ensuring that a person accused of a crime gets a fair criminal trial with…

09 Jul,2015
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Indecent Exposure Is a Sex Crime

Sex crimes can take many different forms, including rape, sexual abuse, and incest. In the state of Kentucky, indecent exposure…

08 Jul,2015
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How will aggravating circumstances affect my DUI charge?

The consequences of being stopped by the police in Bowling Green and charged with drunk driving charges can be enormous.…

03 Jul,2015
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What is “Wanton Endangerment” in Kentucky?

Crimes have different mental states associated with them as defining elements. Murder, for example, requires intent on the part of…

16 Jun,2015
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Multiple Offenses Start with A Drunk Driving Charge

It is not unusual for police to stop someone on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, but the final result is…

02 Jun,2015
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Skillful Representation to Fight False Accusations of Sex Crimes

Depending upon the circumstances, sometimes, it just takes allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual assault to cause damage to reputation.…

29 May,2015
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