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Don’t Waste Time When You Need a Defense for A Felony Charge

In our previous blog post, we discussed how the effects of a felony conviction are far reaching. That post wasn't…

30 Dec,2016
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The Effects of Felony Convictions Are Far Reaching

Felony charges are the most serious criminal charges that you can face. These charges are associated with lengthy prison sentences,…

23 Dec,2016
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Criminal cases can impact your entire life

A criminal case is a very serious matter because of the effects that it can have on your life. You…

16 Dec,2016
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Different factors can impact a drunk driving defense

In our previous blog post, we discussed how drunk driving laws in Kentucky are strict. The fact is that all…

09 Dec,2016
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Drunk driving is a serious matter in Kentucky

Drunk driving is a problem all year long, but during the holidays it escalates. Maybe it is the holiday party…

01 Dec,2016
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Sex-Related Crimes Can Hinge on Several Points

Facing sex-related charges is something that demands immediate action. You can't just sit around and wait to see what is…

23 Nov,2016
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