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Are you at risk of being falsely accused of domestic violence?

Judges issue as many as 3 million restraining orders every year in America. Sadly, many legal authorities estimate that 80…

21 Oct,2016
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9 counties involved in sting operation of child sex crimes

Earlier this month, the Kentucky attorney general announced that 10 people were arrested on charges of over 400 felony counts…

14 Oct,2016
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The Death Penalty — How Arbitrarily Is It Imposed?

Attorneys frequently disparage the arbitrary imposition of the death penalty in capital murder cases. A group of defense attorneys analyzed…

07 Oct,2016
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How much do you know about the juvenile justice system?

It’s every parent’s nightmare, but all too often kids wind up in juvenile court. These courts have different sets of…

30 Sep,2016
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Don’t let your teen get a DUI on homecoming night

Now that it’s officially fall, high school homecoming games and dances will be on the agendas of students all over…

23 Sep,2016
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Being an Accomplice Can Send You to Prison

Many people are unaware of the consequences they can face if they are accused of being an accomplice to another…

16 Sep,2016
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Don’t let false accusations of domestic violence ruin your life

There is an epidemic of domestic violence in America today, and more women are dying at the hands of their…

09 Sep,2016
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Bowling Green Substitute Teacher Sentenced for Child Porn

Being convicted of a sex offense involving children is certain to change the trajectory of one's life. In fact, even…

02 Sep,2016
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Know how to implement a strong DUI defense strategy

Were you recently arrested for driving under the influence? If so, you may be scared about what the future holds.…

25 Aug,2016
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Accident with school bus lands driver in jail on DWI charges

The Associated Press reported the recent story of a man from Lawrenceburg who was charged with drunk driving after getting…

19 Aug,2016
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