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March 2016 Archives

How are military DUIs handled?

If you are a service member who is arrested for DUI while on base, your commanding officer will have a large role in determining what will happen to you. He or she can do anything from determining that you should only be subject to an administrative action to levying an Article 15 non-judicial judgment to recommending a court martial. Both an Article 15 and a court martial fall under the Uniform Court of Military Justice.

Former college football player arrested again on drug charges

A 22-year old man who left multiple college football teams following his arrests for alcohol and drug-related crimes once again finds himself in trouble with the law. The young man was taken into custody by officers with the Calloway County Sheriff's Department following a traffic stop.

How often do DUI cases get dropped?

If you're facing DUI charges and considering fighting them, you may find yourself wondering what the odds are that you're going to get the charges dropped or dismissed. Does this only happen in such a tiny percentage of cases that it's not worth your time, or do you have a real chance to get out of court without charges?

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