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Felony Convictions Can Cost You Gainful Employment

If you are arrested for a felony charge, it's vital to do all that you can to avoid a conviction,…

28 Apr,2016
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Facing Sex Crime Charges? Develop a Staunch Defense

Anyone facing sex crime charges is in a precarious legal position, as a conviction can result in imprisonment and other…

22 Apr,2016
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Expungements in Tennessee will be easier to obtain

Are you a Tennessee resident who has lost out on job offers and other benefits due to a prior arrest…

15 Apr,2016
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Ohio Man Charged in Kentucky Murders

A 47-year-old man from Logan, Ohio, was arrested recently after authorities alleged he killed two members of his family who…

08 Apr,2016
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Beware of false accusations of domestic violence

If you are involved in a toxic relationship, you could face a very real risk of being falsely accused of…

01 Apr,2016
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