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Kentucky’s Juvenile Justice System Is a Model for Others

People who are facing a first-time arrest usually aren't hardened criminals who deserve the proverbial book to be thrown at…

08 Oct,2017
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Drugged driving is a complex issue that can lead to charges

Young adults who are 18 to 25 years old have the distinction of being the age group most likely to…

27 Sep,2017
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Don’t make serious mistakes during the upcoming party season

Fall is here and that means that Halloween parties are just around the corner. Football season is also here, which…

22 Sep,2017
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Give Your Felony Charge the Attention It Deserves

Facing felony charges is something that frightens many people, especially if you think about the horrible consequences that can occur.…

14 Sep,2017
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Know your rights when there is a lineup involved in your case

The criminal justice system sets very specific rights for people who are facing charges. These individuals must make sure that…

07 Sep,2017
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Take the discovery process seriously

There are many steps to the criminal justice process that people might look over when they are thinking about their…

31 Aug,2017
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Labor Day is near: Plan for your transportation needs now

The end of the summer is almost here. With Labor Day just around the corner, people are going to be…

24 Aug,2017
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You Have Options when You Are Facing Criminal Charges

The criminal justice system and the juvenile justice system are two independent entities. While some of the concepts used in…

20 Aug,2017
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Why does the law make such a big deal about drunk driving?

Almost everyone knows that drinking alcohol and then driving is illegal. The reason for this is that drunk drivers put…

17 Aug,2017
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Explore the possible defenses for domestic violence charges

As we recently discussed, the warning signs of domestic abuse are sometimes present in criminal cases. For those who face…

11 Aug,2017
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