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Understand the Right to Trial by A Jury of Your Peers

One of the rights of some criminal defendants is having a trial before a jury of their peers. Many people…

06 Aug,2017
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Prosecutions might rely on signs of domestic violence in a case

Domestic abuse is something that isn’t always easy to prove in court. If you have been accused of domestic violence,…

03 Aug,2017
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Drunk Driving Convictions Can Lead to Ignition Interlocks

Drunk driving charges can change your life dramatically. One thing that you might not realize is that some drunk driving…

27 Jul,2017
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Start Your Criminal Defense Immediately After Arrest

We recently discussed how bail isn't required in all criminal cases. It is possible for a judge to order that…

20 Jul,2017
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Bail Sometimes Isn’t Required to Get out Of Jail

When you are arrested for any criminal charge, your focus will usually turn to getting out of jail. Everything else…

13 Jul,2017
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Don’t Delay Your Defense If You Are Facing a DUI After the 4th

Now that the holiday weekend is over, there are likely people who are facing drunk driving charges in connection with…

07 Jul,2017
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Know the laws regarding alcohol and vehicles this holiday weekend

This coming weekend is one that will see a host of parties. Some of these parties might involve alcoholic beverages,…

30 Jun,2017
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Know where to start when you are planning your defense

Criminal matters must be taken seriously, no matter how minor the issue might seem. Your defense strategy can have a…

23 Jun,2017
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Think About How You Will Answer Sex-Related Charges

Many people think of rape as one of the only sex charges a person can face. They might also think…

16 Jun,2017
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Kentucky Law Forbids Indecent Exposure

The summer months are here, which means that the heat is upon us. One thing that everyone needs to remember…

09 Jun,2017
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