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Domestic violence cases can be complex

Many people focus on domestic violence as something that impact spouses; however, this issue is much more widespread. The legal…

18 Oct,2018
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Learn Your Options for Handling Felony Charges

Having to face a felony charge can dramatically change your life. There is a chance that you will be convicted…

05 Oct,2018
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An alleged drunk driver involved in a crash faces a tough road

Drunk driving is a serious criminal charge, even when nothing else happens before you get stopped. If you are involved…

28 Sep,2018
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Immigration Status Might Be Impacted by Felony Convictions

The classification of a criminal charge can have a big impact on how it affects the rest of your life.…

14 Sep,2018
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Many factors impact criminal sentencing

Defendants who have been convicted of a crime and those who plead guilty will have to go through the sentencing…

06 Sep,2018
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Address the personal issues at the heart of domestic violence

There are times when a family member might push your buttons and get you so upset that you can’t think…

31 Aug,2018
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Homicide Cases Can Lead to 2 Types of Charges

Homicide detectives have a serious job to do when they are working to determine whether there was a criminal element…

21 Aug,2018
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Your actions prior to arrest might impact your defense options

Many people don’t realize that their defense options are impacted by every aspect of their case. Even before they are…

19 Aug,2018
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Prepare for social events that will involve alcohol

The hot summer days and warm nights are going to give way to cooler air soon. This means that it…

17 Aug,2018
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Drunk driving penalties are serious in Kentucky

Driving after consuming alcohol is illegal in Kentucky. All drivers should be aware of this already, but it is sometimes…

10 Aug,2018
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