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Your defense strategy must be customized to your case

The criminal justice system is one place that most adults hope they will never have to deal with as a…

03 Aug,2018
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Juvenile court cases are often a cry for help from troubled youth

Thinking of the juvenile court system, you might think of children who don’t have any adults in their lives. This…

26 Jul,2018
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Domestic violence cases often involve similar factors

There is no one profile that describes all people who are involved in domestic violence cases. Men and women can…

20 Jul,2018
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Face pending drunk driving charges head on in Kentucky

Now that the Independence Day holiday has passed, there are likely some individuals who are looking at drunk driving charges.…

06 Jul,2018
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Reasonable suspicion is a wide open legal concept

On the Independence Day holiday and the days after it, police officers will be on heightened alert for drunk drivers.…

29 Jun,2018
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2 court cases for 1 criminal act: It is possible

Many people think that you can only face one court case for a specific event. While this might seem like…

22 Jun,2018
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Felony Charges Can Be Resolved in Different Ways

People who are facing a felony charge are often shocked at how severe the penalties are for these crimes. One…

15 Jun,2018
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Hotter months come with tempers that can flare fast

Now that the summer is here, many people are ready to get out and do things that allow them to…

01 Jun,2018
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Car impounding is possible after a DUI arrest

Being stopped for the suspicion of drunk driving is a difficult situation. One point that you might not be prepared…

18 May,2018
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Pounce on your drunk driving defense quickly

Evening bonfires and other summer fun is upon us. This is a time when friends and family members can come…

11 May,2018
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