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Representing Yourself Might Close Doors in Criminal Cases

When you are facing a criminal charge, one of the first decisions you have to make is whether you are…

30 Aug,2019
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People on Probation Must Follow the Rules or Face Consequences

One of the common sentences for many criminal cases is probation. This enables the court to punish the person who…

22 Aug,2019
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Securing a Release from Jail During Your Criminal Case

People who are arrested on felony charges often wonder how they are going to be released from jail. For most…

15 Aug,2019
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Field Sobriety Tests Can Be Important in Your Criminal Defense

Police officers watch for signs of impairment when they are out patrolling. If they see signs that someone is impaired,…

07 Aug,2019
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Impairment and Intoxication Can Negate Sexual Consent

There is some confusion as to what constitutes rape. Some people think that it means that a person uses violence…

02 Aug,2019
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