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When Can You Challenge the Evidence in A Criminal Case?

Modern forensic science has made it easier than ever before for law enforcement officers to conclusively link an individual to…

29 Nov,2019
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Know What Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion Mean

In order to arrest you, police officers either have to have a loopwarrant in hand or they need probable cause…

22 Nov,2019
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Plea Deals Are only One Defense Strategy Option

The vast majority of criminal matters are handled using plea bargains. Some people worry that this means defendants aren't getting…

15 Nov,2019
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Domestic Violence Charges Have Many Impacts

Facing criminal charges based on allegations that you abused your spouse presents you with a big challenge. You have to…

08 Nov,2019
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Only Specific Cases Are Appropriate for Plea Deals

People who are facing criminal charges might be in a hurry to get them resolved. This isn't always easy, and…

01 Nov,2019
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